Declarations of conformity

M BOT 60
In order to determine which declaration of conformity you depend on, you must first determine the software version of your MBOT 60.
To do this, from the home screen:

  • Press the menu access key: 
  • Go to the Settings section 
  • At the bottom of the Settings menu, you will find the section "About the phone".
  • In this section "Phone status", you will find at the bottom the "Build Number".

Celui-ci correspond à la version logicielle de votre téléphone et se présente par exemple de la façon suivante :

The caractereres of these companies are continuously updated and represent the versions logic (B08, B09, B10 & B12).

Our first product compares one of the 3 versions logic B08, B09 & B10, which is a fair way to meet the safety requirements.

You can find the update process by clicking  HERE

The various declarations of conformity corresponding to your product are available by clicking on the following links.

Liens de téléchargement